Message from P’taah ~ No Judgment ~ via Jani King
P’taah: Wherever you perceive lack, you are coming from a place of fear. Because the truth is that you really are Gods and Goddesses. It is not too grandiose a name for you, you know. You are really Gods and Goddesses. Mightily powerful.
If you doubt your power, my beloved ones, simply look at your world. Because no matter how you judge your world to be, you indeed have created it! Mmm? You have created it all–co-created indeed. Mmm?When you look at your world and you say but look at the horrors that are wrought in this world, how can there really be no judgment? We say to you indeed we do not use the words Gods and Goddesses lightly. You are not judged. There is no body to judge you. You are in every way perfect, a Perfect and Eternal Extension of the Mind of Creation. No matter how your society may judge, we say to you there is no universal judgment. You are Gods and Goddesses playing a game and the game in this Now is simply called My Human Life Now, however it is.That is truth. My Human Life Now and however you create it to be is valid. You may say that each aspect of your life is a learning process. However we say to you really you did not come here to learn lessons. You came here again simply for the experience of it. Why? Because in this realm called „your reality,“ the experience is so vibrant and so intense, everything else really pales beside the experience.
The intensity of the E-motion is why you keep coming back. That you judge it to be a good experience or a bad experience really is neither here nor there because the greater part of you does not judge it to be bad no matter what. And no matter what the experience, how does it culminate? In death? Well, what is death?What is death? It is one of the grandest illusions of your realm. One of the greatest illusions is death because you are eternal beings. You come forth in your lifetimes, you take on a body and it is of this gender or that gender. It is of this or that or the other color. This race or that, of this society or that, or this country or that or that, of this socio-economic situation. You say „why would anybody want to be born where they are going to starve to death?“ For the experience of it.


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