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Final reminder of this weekend’s event in the ancient ruins of South Africa

Hello  …,
Firstly – here is the first of my new series of aerial videos of the stone circles and Adam’s Calendar. This is one of the many stone circles that we will visit this weekend and where we will be drumming from 6:30 pm on Saturday night – 20 Feb 2016

So join me if you are nearby for a unique first-time weekend event, this Saturday 20 February 2016, where we combine music, drumming and ancient human history in the stone circles of South Africa – raising our collective consciousness. Activating the stone circles with our resonance. These are among the oldest structures left behind by a mysterious vanished civilisation dating back some 300,000 years. The events include a tour of the museum, presentation on the vanished civilisations, a trip to the stone circles and an afternoon hike walking amongst dozens of stone ruins – Then… evening drumming in one of the stone circles – and on Sunday morning – sunrise at Adam’s Calendar.

You can attend the full event OR just one of the activities. A high clearance vehicle is better for Adam’s Calendar – but we will make a plan. The talented performing musical poet Vici Maud Fourie will be there to perform some of her work and Clint Cunningham has threatened that he may also come join us to add to the musical experience.
Full details on my website here:
For bookings email:  michaeltellingertours at  – the office number is 013 257 0479

I am really looking forward to this one.

In unity and resonance – Michael Tellinger

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